Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Disk Defragmentation

Its been a while since I have found something new I have wanted to share on this site, but this little beauty is worth a mention. I have been a fan of regular defragging of hard drives for some years now and have defragged all our Windows systems nightly, using the Scheduler and Windows own "defrag" utility until now.

JkDefrag is a really impressive piece of work and it is free! It doesn't require installing, it has a commandline, GUI and screensaver version. Jeroen has kept his defrag applications focus on straightforward functionality with no bells or whistles. His rationale for how the defrag engine works makes good old fashioned sense and seems to just do the job!

I am using the commandline version at work (300 XP workstations and 3 2003 servers), together with a script that runs the utility each night on a 7 day cycle. Every 7th day I use the -a 7 switch to effect an alphabetical reordering and on the other nights I just run the application in the default mode.

Improvements like this are a bit like banking a small sum often. The improvement to the whole just gets better over time!