Sunday, March 4, 2007

A Spellchecker for Webvoyage

At ANZREG Conference a couple of weeks ago, I presented the work I did enabling spellchecking functionality for webvoyage. I was very pleased with the reaction I got with a number of people showing interest in using the same or similar system in their catalogues.

As promised I have put all the code and some limited documentation on the web. Naturally I'm not going for a Pulitzer Prize in writing, or aiming to make the documentation absolutely complete, but if you do have some input you want to make into the webpages, documentation, the code, or just want to discuss the ideas involved. Please feel from to contact me. My email address is j.brunskill AT



Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for making this information available on the web. You are saving me *lots* of toil and trouble.

Michael Doran
Systems Librarian
University of Texas at Arlington (USA)

vfdvgf said...

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