Thursday, March 22, 2007

Voyager and Blackwell

We are in the process of setting up Blackwell's Collection Manager system to help streamline our purchasing and ordering of books. As part of the process (which I should add is still underway) we have developed a couple of simple perl scripts that might be useful to others using Collection Manager. They have not be tested in a production environment so use them at your own risk :)

1. MOUR (Mini Open Url Redirector)
Collection Manager has a user based preference to setup an open url resolver the idea is that you point this at your open url server and it will let you know if a book is already in your catalogue. Unfortunately our openurl resolver doesn't link into our library catalogue properly for books, and users would have to click through two links to even see the results. The Mini Open Url Redirector simply redirects the browser to the library catalogue search for the book concerned, no need to go through any intermediate screens.

2. Currency Split
Collection Manger exports orders to an ftp server which can be downloaded and imported into voyager. Unfortunately voyager can only handle orders which are all using the same currency. This script takes the file produced by collection manager and splits it into a bunch of files, one for each currency. These files can then be imported separately into voyager.

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